Networking for Bloggers

Do you want to meet more bloggers and boost the stats on your blog? Let’s learn more about each other and connect! I don’t have a ton of followers, but maybe a few people will see your post and will decide to check out your site. Go ahead and introduce yourself! If you want, feel free to answer the questions below.

What’s your name/your blog’s name?

What’s your blog’s address?

Where are you from?

What is your blog about?

Why did you start your blog?

28 thoughts on “Networking for Bloggers”

  1. Hi, I’m Trenzz.
    My blog is TheTrenzzNetwork.
    You can find us at
    I’m a Nigerian.
    My blog is a beauty, fashion, inspiration, and lifestyle centered blog.
    I started blogging because I love to write and I wanted to share with the world some of the things that I know and enjoy. It has been an amazing experience so far and I look forward to the future excitedly.
    See you around.

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  2. Hello, I’m James!

    My blog page is Sweeney’s Blogs. On my page, I write blogs on Stuttering, Stress and Mental Health. I publish at least 2 new blogs a week so there should always be content available! I love getting feedback from my readers and I really want to have more guest blogs on my page.

    You can find my page here if you’re interested:

    Hope you all have a great day, thanks for reading!

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  3. I started my blog in February this year. I have had a lot of problems in the past with stuttering and mental health and couldn’t really find somewhere which had the right advice for me. I want to build a business around stuttering, stress and mental health and hopefully help people out at the same time

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  4. London is probably best for history and culture but there are loads of lovely historic cities and rural scenery to see too. I especially love the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales for the scenery. 🙂


  5. Greetings from Richard of Big Sky Buckeye (bigskybuckeye). I am on a writing journey which features poetry and short stories and occasionally something else. I began writing and blogging in October, 2018 after retiring from 40 years of teaching high school and middle school. I live in Ohio, but I lived many years in Montana.

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  6. Thanks for sharing some thoughts. I don’t really miss teaching, but I miss the daily connections with my colleagues. I taught 40 years, and I knew my time had arrived to step away. I feel good about the many students I taught in Montana, Wyoming, and Ohio. The most challenging part was moving to a large urban school system in Ohio for my last 10 years of teaching. My advice for any parent is to stay engaged with your child while he or she moves through the grades, instill in them the desire to work hard, and hold them accountable for their actions.

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  7. Hi! I’m Rebecca, and my blog is at I’m a licensed therapist. I grew up in Indianapolis but have been living in Chicago since 2011.

    My blog provides education and information about depression, anxiety, burnout, self-care, self-compassion, and mindfulness. I love being able to provide free education to folks, and my blog also lets people know about my therapy practice! I provide compassionate teletherapy to folks in Illinois and internationally.

    Let me know if you’d ever like to swap guest blog posts!!

    – Rebecca


  8. Kendra/Wellness with Kendra

    I am originally from Pennsylvania but now live in southwest Florida.

    I created my blog around wellness. I want to spread my knowledge gained through experience and of course schooling! I’m just starting up so it’s super super new.

    Why did you start your blog?


  9. Hi Kendra! I started my blog because I love natural health. Supplements, essential oils, and healing foods have helped me so much. I want to teach people that they can improve their health with simple, natural solutions! Thanks for reading!

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